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1          THU                            Saint Dimitry Donskoy  (Castro Valley, LITURGY 10:00 AM)

2          FRI                              Saint Alexei Metropolitan of Moscow

7:00 pm           Vespers and Matins, Commemorative Ancestral Sabbath

3          SAT                             Holy Sts. Equal to the Apostles Constantine and Helena

Meeting of the Holy Icon of the Theotokos of Vladimir

9:00 am           LITURGY, REQUIUM  LITURGY, Ancestral Sabbath.

6:00 pm           VIGIL SERVICE.

4          SUN     9:30 am           FEAST OF THE HOLY PENTECOST

Immediately VESPERS with Bended Knee Prayers

                                                Holy Martyr St. Basilliscus. Icon of the Theotokos "UMILENIYE"

                                                SISTERHOOD BRUNCH

5          MON   9:00 am           MATINS

10:00 am         LITURGY, HOLY SPIRIT DAY      Saint Michael the Confessor

6          TUE                             St. Symeon of the Wondrous Mountain.

7          WED   NO FAST        3rd Finding of the Head of St. John the Forerunner (The Baptizer)

8          THU                           Holy Apost. Carpus and Alphaeus of the Seventy

9          FRI      NO FAST        Holy Martyr Therapon. Martyr Saint John the Russian.

10        SAT                             Saint Nicetas of Chalcedon Icon of the Theotokos of «Nicea»

6:00 pm           VIGIL SERVICE.

11        SUN     9:30 am           LITURGY, SUNDAY OF ALL SAINTS

Venerable Theodosia, Blessed John

12        MON   Apostle’s Fast  BEGINNING OF APOSTLE’S FAST, Saint Isaacius Dalmat.

13        TUE     Apostle’s Fast  Holy Apostle Hermias of the 70, M. Hermias, St. Philosophus of Alexand.

14        WED   Apostle’s Fast  St. Justin the Phylosopher and another Saint Justin.

15        THU    Apostle’s Fast  Saint Nicephorus, Great Martyr John Sochav the New

(Castro Valley, LITURGY 10:00 AM)

16        FRI      Apostle’s Fast  Holy Martyrs Lucillian and Company

17        SAT     Apostle’s Fast  Saint Metrophanes of Constantinople

6:00 pm           VIGIL SERVICE.     

18        SUN     9:30 am           LITURGY, ALL RUSSIAN SAINTS

                                                MOLEBEN-PROCESSION OF THE CROSS
                                                OUR CHURCH FEAST DAY – LUNCH

Apostle’s Fast Holy Martyr Abba Dorotheus Father’s Day                                            

19        MON   Apostle’s Fast  Saint Bessarion of Egypt.

20        TUE     Apostle’s Fast  Saint Theodotus of Ancyra

21        WED   Apostle’s Fast  Great Martyr Theodore Stratelates

22        THU    Apostle’s Fast              Saint Cyril of Alexandria

23        FRI      Apostle’s Fast  Holy Martyr Timothy of Prussa

24        SAT     Apostle’s Fast  Holy Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas

6:00 pm           VIGIL SERVICE.

25        SUN     9:30 am           LITURGY,3rd SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST

Apostle’s Fast  Saint Onuphrius. Saint Peter the Athonite

                        COFFEE HOUR

26        MON Apostle’s Fast    Holy Martyr Aquillina

27        TUE Apostle’s Fast      Holy Prophet Elisha.

28        WED  Apostle’s Fast    Holy Prophet Amos . Saint Jona Metropolitan of Moscow

29        THU Apostle’s Fast     Holy Martyr Tychon and two other Saints named Tychon   

30        FRI Apostle’s Fast       Holy Martyr Manuel and Company