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Schedule for June


1              TUE       7:00        pm          Vespers and Matins, 1st Hour          Venerable John, disciple of St. Gregory of Decapolis

2              WED      9:00        am          LITURGY, Mid-Pentecost Feast. Blessing of the Water

3              THU                                       Venerable Theodore Trichinas ("the Hair-shirt Wearer"), hermit near Constantinople

4              FRI                                         Hieromartyr Januarius, bishop of Benevento, and his companions: Festus, Proclus,

5              SAT                                        Venerable Theodore the Sykeote, bishop of Anastasiopolis

6:00        pm          VIGIL SERVICE

6              SUN        9:30        am          LITURGY, Fifth Sunday of PaschaThe Samaritan Woman. Tone four.

Holy Glorious Great-martyr, Victory-bearer and Wonderworker George


7              MON                                      Martyr Sabbas Stratelates ("the General") of Rome, and 70 soldiers with him

8              TUE                                       Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark

9              WED                                      Apodosis of Prepolovenie. Hieromartyr Basil, bishop of Amasea

10           THU                                       Hieromartyr Symeon the Kinsman of the Lord. New Hieromartyrs  Paul and John priests,

                        (Castro Valley, LITURGY в 10:00 AM)

11           FRI                                         Apostles Jason and Sosipater of the Seventy, and their companions:

12           SAT                                        Nine Martyrs at Cyzicus: Theognes, Rufus, Antipater, Theostichus, Artemas, Magnus, & others

6:00        pm          VIGIL SERVICE

13           SUN        9:30        am          LITURGY, Sixth Sunday of Pascha, The Blind Man. Tone five.

Holy Apostle James, the brother of St. John the Theologian

14           MON                                      Prophet Jeremiah. Venerable Paphnutius, abbot of Borovsk

15           TUE                                       St. Athanasius the Great, archbishop of Alexandria. Translation of the relics of the Holy

Passion-bearers Boris and Gleb of Russia, in holy baptism Romanus and David

16           WED                                      Martyrs Timothy the Reader and his wife Maura of Antinoe in Egypt St Theodosii of Kiev

7:00        pm          VIGIL SERVICE

17           THU       9:00        am          LITURGY, ASCENSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST

18           FRI                                         Great-martyr Irene of Thessalonica. New Hieromartyr Nicholas priest

19           SAT                                        Righteous Job the Long-suffering. Venerable Micah, disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh

6:00        pm          VIGIL SERVICE

20           SUN        9:30        am          LITURGY, Seventh Sunday of Pascha, Fathers of First Ecumenical Council. Tn six.

"Chelnsk" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos named "Tenderness.. Commemoration of the Apparition of the Sign of the Precious Cross over Jerusalem in 351 A.D.

21           MON                                      Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian. Venerable Arsenius the Great of Scetis

 7:00       pm          VIGIL SERVICE

22           TUE       9:00        am          LITURGY, Translation of the relics of St. Nicholas

the Wonderworker from Myra to Bari, in 1087


23           WED                                      Venerable Dodo of the St. David-Gareji Monastery, Georgia

24           THU                                       Venerable David of the Gareji Monastery. Holy Equals-to-the Apostles Methodius  and  Cyril

first teachers of the Slavs. (Castro Valley, LITURGY в 10:00 AM)

25           FRI                                         Apososis of the Ascension. St. Epiphanius, bishop of Cyprus

7:00        pm          Vespers and Matins, 1st Hour, Commemorative Requiem Service

27           SUN        9:30        am          LITURGY, TRINITY DAY. PENTECOST SUNDAY

immediately: VESPERS with bended knee prayers


28           MON                                      Day of the Holy Spirit, no church services in Burlingame


All services at FORT ROSS CHAPEL

29           TUE                                       First Week after Petecost, no fast during this week.Venerable Theodore the Sanctified

disciple of St. Pachomius the Great. Venerable Ephraim, abbot of Perekom


30           WED                                      Apostle Andronicus of the Seventy and his fellow laborer Junia

Venerable Euphrosyne (Princess Eudocia) of Moscow NO FAST

31            THU                                       Most Holy Theotokos "Surety of Sinners" in Korets.Holy Fathers of Seven Ecumenical Councils. Martyr

Theodotus of Ancyra and seven virgin-martyrs: Alexandra, Tecusa, Claudia, Phaine, Euphraisa, Matrona, and Julia